Know About the Panchayati Raj UP

Panchayati Raj UP

What is Panchayati Raj UP?

Panchayati Raj UP: Panchayati Raj is known to be such a system which was introduced by constitutional amendment in the year 1992. It is based on South Asia’s Panchayat System. It was founded with an aim of implementing comparatively more decentralized administration.

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More on Panchayati Raj UP

Panchayati Raj UP is known to be very necessary and effective for the state of Uttar Pradesh. Most of the part of UP is the village or rural area and that is why Panchayati Raj holds so much importance and significance for the obvious reasons.

UP Panchayati Raj is there to basically function as such an organisation of governance in the gram panchayats are considered to be basic units of the local administration. This system has three different levels namely the Gram Panchayat (the village level), the Mandal Parishad (aka Panchayat Samiti or Block Samiti) and Zila Parishad (the district level).

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There are different departments of पंचायतीराजविभागउत्तरप्रदेश. Such as

An office has known for each and every department. The BDO or Block Development Officer considered being an executive officer to Samiti. You can visit official portal to know more information on this.

UP Panchayati Raj
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Functions of Block Level Panchayat

Different kinds of functions are there that are implemented as per the GPDP or Gram Panchayat Development Plan.

  • Proper implementation of the schemes for development of the agriculture and infrastructure.
  • Establishment of the primary health centres and primary schools.
  • Supply of the drinking water, drainage and the repair/construction of the roads.
  • Development and improvement of the cottage and small-scale industries as well as openings of the cooperative societies.
  • Establishment of the various youth organizations.
Gram Panchayat Development Plan
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Functions of District Level Panchayat

  • Providing necessary facilities and services to the rural population.
  • Providing quality seeds to the farmers as well as teaching them about the latest farming techniques.
  • Setting up as well as running libraries and schools in the rural areas.
  • Starting hospitals and primary health centres in villages.
  • Executing proper plans for the development of scheduled castes and tribes.
  • Encouraging businessmen to start various small-scale industries as well as implement the proper rural employment schemes.
  • Constructing roads, bridges as well as various other facilities.
  • Providing employment to the people.

UP PR Policies

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Panchayati Raj Elections

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