UP Mines – Sand Mining in Uttar Pradesh

Sand Mining in Uttar Pradesh

About UP Mines(भूतत्व एवं खनिकर्म निदेशालय, उत्तर प्रदेश लखनऊ )

Minerals are a very big part of India. One of the biggest states where mining actually takes place of Uttar Pradesh, there sand mining in Uttar Pradesh is very important. This state has a very long history of mining. Previously all sorts of minerals were found here, however as time passed by, due to over mining the mineral started to degrade and ultimately came to a halt. However, still, you will find some minerals in UP Mines.

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What are the minerals that found earlier?

Earlier on, there were several minerals found in Uttar Pradesh Districts. Some of the minerals that fun included lead, copper, iron and also gold. It is true that gold has found in some parts of the country like the Himalayas and also in some of the districts in South East like Khanij Vibhag UP.

Along with this, Vindhya Sandstone, also Millstone has mined in these districts especially Agra, Mirzapur, and Allahabad. Even before the year 1990, copper has ores could mine in a smaller scale in the areas of Garhwal. However, the increasing prices prevented the mining of the mineral.

UP Mines
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Mineral Atlas

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Still, now research continues

Till date geologists are examining the different areas where metallic compounds previously found. However, not much found these days but once there was definitely not just one but several mines from where toms of minerals found. Learn more about it at mineral.up.nic.in.

Legal issues and administration

The primary mineral lease of Uttar Pradesh has released in the year of 1957 by mining department UP, the other rules which are also known as the Mineral Concession rules established in the year of 1960. These license and permits required to renew if mining to continue. The government of Uttar Pradesh is in charge of taking these decisions. Therefore, depending on the status of the area or the land, the government will duly renew up mines permit

Important Details of Sand Mining in Uttar Pradesh