Best places to work in Europe 2018


Best places to work in Europe 2018

Working abroad can perfect choice for someone who wants to grow up as professional and widen his future career opportunities. No matter if the goal is practicing a foreign language, improving your résumé or just spicing up your career, Europe has an unlimited amount of opportunities for the entrepreneurs. The Old World continent not only has a rich culture and a spectacular architecture to offer, but it also has a large employment market and globally oriented with an improving technological sector. All of this makes Europe the perfect place to work abroad, so here are the best places to work in Europe in 2018.

1. Dublin, Ireland.dublin, ireland

Besides its multicultural environment and its friendly people, Dublin records the 2nd highest GDP per capita in the continent, which makes it one of the best working places in Europe in 2018. This place was named the “best country for business” by Forbes in 2013 and its unemployment rate went from 14.7% to 8.6% in just four years. Its emerging economy has become very attractive in the recent years due to their low corporation tax rate, which has drawn several international businesses, such as Google, LinkedIn, PayPal and so on. They offer thousands of new job positions every year and they are always looking for new professionals with fresh ideas ready to innovate.

2. Berlin, Germanyberling, germany

Berlin is a city with a strong and developed economy, being the world’s third-largest exporter and importer of goods. This city is not only one of the best working places in Europe in 2018, but it is also a great option to live in thanks to its social security and universal health care system, and a tuition-free university education which is perfect to continue growing as a professional. Berlin is one of the top job-creating German cities and it is perfect for creative and highly skilled entrepreneurs.

3. Amsterdam, the Netherlandsamsterdam, netherlands

Ranked the sixth-happiest place in the world, Amsterdam’s flexible work environment has a lot to offer for job-seekers, as there are more than 3000 international companies. They are well known for their work-life balance and for the multiple social benefits they offer. Even though its official language is Dutch, language barrier will not a problem since English is widely spoken among businesses.

4. Vienna, Austriavienna, austria

Ranked as world’s liveable city several times, Vienna offers the quality of life, rich culture, and numerous job opportunities. The service sector is the most important there and it is the center of many multinational enterprises.  Vienna offers great benefits to employers, like a mandatory health insurance, and it is open to international job-seekers. It offers a six-month job-seeker visa and it has a Center in which they offer support and advice.

5. London, Englandlondon, england

Being largest financial center in Europe, London is one of best working places in Europe in 2018 for English speakers. This cosmopolitan city has a mixed market economy which offers job opportunities in a wide range of sectors. With an increase in the number of businesses looking to recruit, London has a competitive market that goes from traditional. Its more strict businesses to creative and more relaxed companies, that can suit any type of professional.

6. Barcelona, Spainbarcelona, spain

With spectacular sceneries, delicious food, and perfect climate, Barcelona has lot of potential as a city to develop your career. Barcelona counts with a good number of startups, global multinational and flourishing businesses ready to hire hardworking professionals. Despite the economic crisis, they have overcome adversity by offering incentives to new businesses and maintaining a solid tourism industry. The work environment here tends to be more relaxed with the opportunity to socialize a lot. Making it one of the best working places in Europe in 2018 for young and creative people.

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