Gangadevipalli Village – Model Village in Telangana


Gangadevipalli – గంగదేవిపల్లి

Gangadevipalli or Gangadevi is a village located in Geesukonda Mandal, Warangal Rural district, Telangana. The village is 12 km distance from the Warangal headquarters. The population of Gangadevipalli village is 1277. Gangadevipally village became as one of the model villages in India and also it is more popular from all over the country. So many people come from foreign countries and other states visit this model village (గంగదేవిపల్లి ఆదర్శ గ్రామం). Here, you can get detailed information about the Gangadevi Palli village.gangadevipalli Wikipedia

Governance of Gangadevipalli – గంగదేవిపల్లి గ్రామ పాలన

The Village Gangadevipalli governed by Village Panchayat. A few years back, the Gangadevi village was under the jurisdiction of Machapur Village panchayat. Later in the year 1994, it earned the special status of village panchayat. In the Panchayat elections of 1995 and 2001 represented by the women and the people elected Mr. Rajamouli Koosam as a Sarpanch for the village. Now, the present sarpanch is Ms. Intla Shanthi.gangadevipalli village

Gangadevipalli village people worked hard to make it as a model village. The village also received many awards and rewards from the central government as well as state government. In the year 2007, for the efforts of the people of this village received Nirmal Gram Puraskar (MDWS) from central government. Famous personalities like politicians from different parties, celebrities visited this village.

Gangadevi Palli Development Activities – గంగదేవి పల్లి అభివృద్ధి కృషి

model village gangadevipalli

The village got recognition from famous personalities through collective efforts of villagers in developing the village. The major developments are alcohol prohibition, 100% literacy, household family planning, fluoride-free drinking water, and toilets available for every home. By entering the village shown you the boards where it shows you the discipline and commitment.

Recognition of Model Village Gangadevipalli – గంగదేవిపల్లి ఆదర్శ గ్రామం గుర్తింపు

Adarsha gramam

  1. In 2007, recognized as famous Panchayat in India.
  2. Received a National Award, Nirmal Gram Puraskar from the APJ Abdul Kalam. The scheme is under the control of the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation (MDWS)
  3. Elected 4 times as Best Panchayat of the Warangal.
  4. In 1999, received an award from the district collector for people membership in the co-operative savings society.
  5. NGOs (Non-Government Organization) members of Bangladesh & Canada learn the information on self-governance of Gangadevipalli. Group of people from Rajasthan, Pondicherry, and Tamil Nadu have visited the Gangadevi village.
  6. Gangadevipalli village adopted by the Andhra Bank under the development scheme of Pattabhi Model Village.
  7. People of 20+ countries visited this village
  8. In the Eenadu ePaper, the Gangadevipalli village cover story can appear in the weekly magazine.

Common Services to Public

Drinking Water Planttelangana grama jyothi

The villagers have constructed a water plant with the help of a nonprofit organization without taking any help from the state government. Village people can get 20 liters of the purified water for one rupee by using the smart card.

Cable TV for Freegrama jyothi in telangana Wikipedia

In Gangadevipalli village, the TV network is for free. Every house has to deposit the amount of 2200 to get the connection of cable TV. A user has to deposit the amount in the bank to get the connection.

Free Wi-Fi Connectivitygangadevipalli a model village

The Hyderabad volunteers of the FSMI (Free Software Movement of India) also known as Swacha taken the wifi project with the villager’s co-operation to set up the Wi-Fi network. By using the FreedomBox wifi device hub connecting the internet.

This Wi-Fi project funded by donations and the village panchayat have to paly the internet monthly bill through the ISP. Wifi can be used by villagers as well as visitors also.

Development Committees of Village – గ్రామ కమిటీల పనితీరు

In the village has 13 committees. Village divided into 18 sectors and every committee consists of the 11-25 members.gangadevipalli village Warangal

Here, is the list of committees and it functions:

  • Committee of Drinking Water management
  • Alcohol Prohibition Committee
  • Ganga Dish Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Loan Committee to recover
  • Village development committee
  • Mother’s committee
  • Health Committee

Gangadevipalli Village Website:
Gangadevipalli Contact Number: 9849452813
Address Info:
Gangadevipalli Village,
Geesukonda Mandal,
Warangal Rural District – 506330

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