King Nahar Singh Mahal is famous for its beauty and location

King Nahar Singh Mahal:

King Nahar Singh Mahal is famous for shooting films and add-ons because of its beauty and location & seen in many movies. When you visit then only will be able to explore its real beauty.

Shaheed Raja Nahar Singh Mahal is located in the Ballabhgarh sub-division of Faridabad district, Haryana state which has special significance in the historical context. Due to its majestic nature, it attracts tourists and filmmakers from abroad and abroad. It is overseen by the Haryana Tourism Corporation.

Palace history

According to historical evidence, Balbaghad founded by Raja Balu alias Balram in 1753. They built the palace itself. In the palace remained the royal family till 1858. In the Revolution of 1857, King Nahar Singh took part in the movement against the British. It was accompanied by the last Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar. Seeing the bravery of King Nahar Singh, Bahadur Shah Zafar appointed him as his internal administrator. The British army was trembling with the heroism of King Nahar Singh.

The British thought that it would difficult to turn the board of Bahadur Shah Zafar until Raja Nahar Singh would be dubbed. After all, King Nahar Singh trapped by the British. Raja Nahar Singh believed in the British and moved to Delhi with them. But as soon as Raja Nahar Singh entered inside the Red Fort, he was made captive by the British. On January 9, 1858, he was hanged on the Lal Kuan of Chandni Chowk in Delhi. Only then the British government has taken over the palaces and historic sites of King Nahar Singh.

nahar singh palace


The King Nahar Singh Mahal declared tehsil after independence. The tehsildars and sub tehsildars used to sit here. The administration was unable to look after the palace, due to which its condition became shaky. For the restoration of the palace, Ballabhgarh beautification committee constituted under the chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner in 1994. The society restored the palace by collecting money from the people. In 2003, the government handed over to the Haryana Tourism Corporation for the maintenance of the palace. After that, the Heritage  Hotel has opened at the King Nahar Sing Mahal. Tourism Corporation only looks after it.

nahar singh palace
nahar singh palace

Shooting and wedding halt

The castle is now a favorite place for films, TV serials and commercials shooting and weddings. So far, many films shooted here named ‘Five Hours’, ‘Saab Biwi and Gangster II’, ‘Fagli’ and so on. TV serials like ‘Vijay Detective’, ‘Bulleshah’, ‘Sher Shah Suri’ etc.,at the time of Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the shooting of the qawwali’s done here. Advertising, jewelry, shooting-travel and travel agencies continue shooting here. Due to being close to Delhi and the majestic look of the palace, it attracts everyone.

How to reach Nahar Singh Mahal 

Airway – Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi is the closest airport here.

Railroad – Sant Nagar, here is the nearest railway station.

Roads – Reach here by reaching NIT Faridabad bus stand and book a taxi or cab.

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