Government unveils drone policy in India from December

Commercial drone in India

Drone in India -Government unveils drone policy approved for commercial use of drone from December

Government unveils drone policy approved for commercial use of drone in India from December, if it is heavier than 250 grams license required

– Permission to send goods from drone to government agency in disaster relief

– Two kg of a heavy drone to fly up to 400 feet

Citizen use of drones has been approved in the country. However, there is still more to wait for the home delivery from the drone. Civil Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu and State Minister of State Jayant Sinha on Monday issued rules regarding the remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS) i.e. drones. It will come into effect from December 1. It says that it is necessary to get a license for a drone weighing 250 gm or more.

Suresh Prabhu said that except for the delivery of goods it can be used in other works. It was used during the floods in Kerala. Drones can also be useful in agricultural surveys. In special purposes such as disaster relief, government agencies will also be allowed to send goods to the drone.

Can not fly in some places: There will be ‘no drone zone’ around the airports, international borders, beaches, Vijay Chowk in Delhi and secretariat and strategic areas or military bases in the states.

Registration on Digital Sky App

A platform is being prepared by the name ‘Digital Sky’ to upload registration applications, operator permits, applications before the flight and upload plan for drones. It will be online from December 1. This link will be available on the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) website.
Permission is not necessary for Nano drones: 250 g drones are called nano drones. They will not need permission or registration to fly. However, they will be allowed to fly at a height of 50 feet. Unique Identification Number, No Permission-No Takeoff Technology and Local Police will have to get permission for a microdrone i.e. more than 250 grams and up to 2 kg of drones. They will be able to fly up to 200 feet.

Before dropping the heavy drone, small drones – 2 kg to 25 kg, medium – 25 kg to 150 kg and large – Registration for heavy drones from 150 kg, operator permit, it is mandatory to fill the flight plan before flight Will happen. They can fly up to 400 feet. When the drone wandered from his fixed way, he will come back to where he will fly. For this, it will be necessary to use Return to Home Technology.

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