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Bira Beer

After all, how did Bira 91 become a favorite beer of India in a year?

Bira 91 founder, Ankur Jain, returned to India by starting health care in New York in 2007. To turn foot into the liquor business, they become the sellers of imported beers. They were completely new in this business. Jain said in 2014, he realized that he should bring a liquor brand to the Indian urban youth, but keeping in mind the taste, taste, and quality.

Bira 91bira 91

The story of Bira 91 is a good catch of Kingfisher Strong and Haywards on the liquor market, but thousands of people wanted to taste a different kind of beer and they got the taste in Bira. Bira 91 was formally launched in 2015 as an alternative to much liquor imported in India.

Bira Beer Price

Then the auspicious start Bira 91 became very popular among the urban people in a very short time. In 2015, 150,000 cases of Bira91 were sold, while in 2016 its sales touched the limit of 700,000 cases. Beer is very expensive compared to alcohol because the Tax in India on all liquor products is very high. The price of 330 ml of Bira is 90 rupees.

It is healthier than milk recently, Bira 91 launched its lowest calorie beer in the Indian market (90 calories in 330 milliliters). According to Jain, Bira 91 light is less alcoholic than any liquor sold in the bar. It has fewer calories than a glass champagne, brewers, wine or cocktails. Not only this, there are fewer calories than a glass of milk or orange juice.

Light vs. Strong On the other side, Bira91 Strong is “High-intensity Wheat Beer”. This beer made from wheat. The taste of this beer is quite unique. At the time of drinking it bitterness and honey and caramel taste more. Bira launched in the market so that it could give consumers a different kind of beer and its purpose was to inhibit the mainstream beer.

B9 Beverages

Raising the level of height This year, Bira 91 wants to take his sales closer to 150 crores. For this, Bira 91 is planning to fund 25 million dollars (160 million) in collaboration with private equity major TPG Growth. This is the third year of this smart beer brand. The two-year-old company, which started in the name of B9 Beverages, has so far raised $ 22 million from venture capital funds Sequoia Capital and Set of Angels.

Beer market presence in Bira 91, 91 is India’s cord. Bira 91 is currently available in 15 cities. In the next few months, Bira91 will available in 8 new cities.

Another good news until last year, only Belgium was the only production center of the company. But now the company’s owner Jain has started its production center in Indore. While planning is also to open in Nagpur. Like Jain, many employees of the company have no experience of wines business but they believe that new companies can give good competition to existing liquor companies.

Disclaimer: This article does not aim to promote alcoholic beverages or alcohol in any way, this article is entirely about the success story of a company’s startup and its associated people.

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