The Ancient Egyptian Gods and the Story Behind Them

egyptian gods

Ancient Egyptian Gods

Egypt is a civilization that is full of mysterious and unknown facts. This great land is available on the banks of the river Nile. It always creates curiosity among people. Following the political union of Upper and Lower Egypt around 3100BC, Pharaoh became the most critical ritual at that time. People worshipped the Egyptian gods or Egyptian deities and thought them as the representative of nature. You can also find the Egyptian Paintings info here. The list below has some of these famous ancient gods. People used to pray them the most.

1. AMUN-Ra – The Hidden One

Amun-Ra denotes the Kings of Gods and Goddesses in Egypt. While legends projected Amun as the Father of the Pharaohs, people considered Amune as a female. This female version was famous as “The Female Hidden One.” The ancient Egypt people used to worship Amun, Mut, and “Moon God.”

2. MUT – The Mother Goddessegyptian goddesses

Among the primal Egyptian goddesses, legends also referred to Mut as the one who gave birth. That is why she was the mother goddess.

3. OSIRIS – The King of Livingancient egyptian gods

He was among the most revered ancient Egyptian gods. He was the God of the afterlife. The myth behind Osiris being the god of the afterlife is famous in ancient Egyptian civilization.

4. ANUBIS – The Divine Embalmeregyptian gods wiki

Anubis preceded Orisis as the patroller of the Afterlife. His most popular references in ancient Egyptian myths were for mummifying the dead and guiding their souls towards the afterlife. Conspicuous among the Egyptian gods with a jackal’s head and a man’s body Anubis was also a representation of Renaissance of the dead.

5. RA – The God of Sun & Radianceegyptian gods images

Going by ancient Egyptian legends, the God of Sun who had a sun disk around his skull was the creator of the World. People of ancient Egypt considered Ra or Re as vital as they considered every sunrise and sunset. They used to believe that it was a renewal process.

6. HORUS – God of Vengeance


Legends of ancient Egypt have a special place for Horus as the offspring of the Isis and Osiris who avenged the death of his father and ruled Egypt. People worshipped this falcon-headed entity with his red and white crown as the God of War, Protection, Sky, and Light.

7. THOTH – God of Knowledge and Wisdomgods in egypt

Legends of ancient Egypt placed Thoth as an arbitrator who resolved the clashes of the good and evil. Thoth has mastery over physical as well as divine laws. He sustained the cosmos with his proficiency in calculations. He was a famous deity among the ancient Egyptian god names as he was the most learned god of that time.

8. HATHOR – Goddess of Motherhood

Ancient Egyptian mythology had references to the worship of Hathor as, the one who greeted the dead into the afterlife. People looked upon her as the personification of motherhood and gentle love.

9. SEKHMET – Goddess of War and Healing

Ancient Egyptian legends depict Sekhmet as a lioness, a fierce character, the leader and Protector of the Pharaohs in war. Her supposed assistance of Ma’at in the Orisis’s Judgement Hall also gave her the title of an arbitrator.

10. GEB – God of Earthnames of egyptian gods

According to ancient Egyptian myths, his laughter led to earthquakes. He also had a place in ancient Egyptian mythology as he was the one who weighed the dead’s heart in Orisis’s Judgment Hall.

According to Ancient Egyptian mythology, the gods and goddess were the symbols of the necessities for living. The interconnection of these necessities took a new dimension with time and led to many associations. In a nutshell, in ancient Egyptian mythology, people regarded almost everything that helped in the creation of life as god and goddess.

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