Which are the Best & Top Canadian Universities of 2018

top universities in canada

 Top Universities in Canada

What is the QS World University Rankings? It’s a yearly publication of rankings of universities. Quacquarelli Symonds publishes it. This annual compilation is for helping potential students to recognize the top universities in Canada a specific subject. The methods of ranking universities include Research quotations and the outcomes of primary international appraisals of employers and also tutors.

This publication for a year comes out in June of the previous year. The rankings for 2018 came on the 6th of June of 2017. It ranked 26 Canadian universities among the best in the World. Among these 26 names, four names featured in the international top 100 and also nine featured in the top 300.

If you have plans of studying in the Great White North, you should consider these universities.

University of Toronto

toronto university
Image Source: aviewoncities.com

This university heads this list of the best universities in Canada. It holds 31st rank worldwide this year. It’s famous for its research, novelties. How can we forget the discoveries of stem cells and also insulin at this university?

McGill University

university of mcgill
Image Source: usnews.com

The rank of this university is 32nd worldwide. The highlights of this university are

  • The most Rhodes Scholars among all of the universities of Canada.
  • The most winners of the Nobel Prize winners among all of the universities of Canada

University of British Columbia

british columbia university
Image Source: usnews.com

Ranked 51st worldwide this year it has retained its third place among the top universities in Canada. The University located in British Columbia Province.

University of Alberta

alberta university
Image Source: usnews.com

The QS Rankings of 2018 put this at the 90th place worldwide together with Korea University. It registers 37,830 students from 143 nations. It contributes CA$12.3 billion to Alberta’s economy every year.

Université de Montréal

de montreal university
Image Source: universitymagazine.ca/

QS Rankings of 2018 ranked this at 130 worldwide. It is also the first ranked Francophone university in Canada and among the leading top 10 establishments in the Montreal province. It is very active in research and also its research yields over half a billion in dollars.

McMaster University

Image Source: http://golfcanada.ca

According to the QS Rankings of 2018, it takes the 140th place worldwide this year. It features 70 research centers and institutions, and also its medical school is top-rated.

University of Waterloo

waterloo university
Image Source: mcld.ca

It takes the 152nd place worldwide this year. It is also the newest in this list of the top Canadian universities.

Western University

Image Source: uaem.org

It takes the 210th place worldwide this year together with the University of Antwerp. Its former name was“University of Western Ontario.” The university located in Ontario Province and is also one of the lists of Best Colleges in Ontario.

University of Calgary

calgary university
Image Source: schoolfinder.com

QS Rankings of 2018 ranked it 217th worldwide this year. It features five campuses, and also one of them is in Qatar. It has given birth to various noteworthy inventions. One among them is the neurochip.

Queen’s University

queens univeristy of canada
Image Source: studyacrossthepond.com

It comes at 224th position worldwide, and also it is amongst the earliest Canadian universities.

Some of the other names in this list of 26 universities are Simon Fraser University, Dalhousie University, University of Ottawa, and also the University of Victoria. Don’t forget to do a systematic study of these 26 universities before enrolling yourself in one.

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