Board of Apprenticeship Training(NR),Kanpur


Board of Apprenticeship (NR), Kanpur

BOAT set up by the Government of India, Ministry of Human Resource Development, and the Department of Higher education. Board of Apprenticeship Training, Kanpur established in the year 1970.

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The Apprenticeship training period is one year, the apprentice must learn everything within the year and they conduct exams for the given training.  A training certificate issued which will be useful in future jobs. Engineering Graduates, Technician and Technician apprentices are given stipend  50% of the minimum amount is reimbursed.

Objectives Of BOAT(NR), Kanpur

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  • Firstly, Secure facilities for training in different establishments, under Government, Private and Public Sector Organizations for the products of Technical/ Vocational Institutions.
  • Placement for the students who had applied for the Apprenticeship
  • make out the programme of training for trainees in consultation with them and industry and other agencies concerned.
  • Training Managers from the board introduced to Train the Apprentice
  • provide advisory service in the area of practical training to technical institutions, the industry and agencies requiring the same.
  • Introducing information on various aspects of practical training through lectures, films and other media of communications.
  • And also undertake documentation of literature of various aspects of practical training.
    award certificates as may be appropriate to those who successfully complete the training course.

Features of BOAT(NR), Kanpur


The process of recruitment will be of direct recruitment from the Institutions or by the Board or by the Notification issued in the Website.

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The  student should have the following criteria to be recruited in the Apprenticeship training

  1. Firstly, The Minimum age must be 14 years and there is no upper age limit and
  2. In case of Degree/ Diploma, the student must pass anyone subject from the desired subjects.
  3. In the case of Vocational courses, the candidate must have passed the subjects from the vocational stream.
  4. Finally, The Apprenticeship training is only for freshers.

Innovative approaches:

Some of the websites that can be helpful in Approach of BOAT are



Download Documents/ Forms:

To Know the forms or documents related to the BOAT(NR),  and download the stipend info eligibility and results etc, you can visit the official website of BOAT(NR).

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pincode: Kanpur-208024,
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