Setting up the Best Questions for kids

GK Questions for kids

GK Questions for kids

Gaining more knowledge about general issues or the general knowledge questions is the best way to encompass the educational knowledge and skill in different aspects of life. From a young age, your child should learn the right way to answer the general knowledge questions. Sometimes they are not related directly from the academic syllabus of your kids but these questions and answers can shape their knowledge, their personality better. Knowing such things may improve their grades; boost up the confidence level etc. GK questions and answers can be a fun way of learning for them that will help them to improve their speaking or conversation power.

GK Questions for kids
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When you are picking up the GK questions, you need to keep in mind the age of the children. Make sure it is set properly to match their level. You can get ideas from their books, copybooks, internet or magazines.
You should make the GK questions for kids more interesting and engaging by including some easy ones like picking out the odd ones, selecting color, telling up the right vowel or consonants etc.

GK questions
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If the child is in pre-primary level start with some basic questions:

How many months in a year?

Ans. 12 months

How many days in a week?

Ans. 7 day

Which day comes after Tuesday?

Ans. Wednesday

How many days in a year?

Ans. 365 days

How many colors in the rainbow?

Ans. Seven colors

What is 3+3?


What number comes after 7?

Ans. 8

What is the use of your ears?


See the picture and identify the animal

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When they are in another stage at 2 to eight years old, your question patterns will change.

Who are tadpoles?

Baby frogs

Which animal is called as Ship of the Dessert?

Ans. Camel

How many vowels are there in English alphabet?

5 vowels, A, E, I, O, U

Who is your maternal grandfather?

Mother’s father

A baby dog is known as _____

A baby cat is known as ____


For the kids of 4 to 6

How many consonants are there?


Tell me the spelling of five tangy fruits?

Starfruit, raw mango, palm, tamarind, Strawberry

Which is the national bird of our country?



For the kids of 7 to eight, you can set some questions from geography, science and even literature.

general knowledge questions
general knowledge questions

You can make the general knowledge questions by adding some pictures, mathematics trivia etc. It is important to make the questions relevant to their current level.

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