Deciding on the Right Appointment Letter format to Use for your Business needs

Appointment Letter format 

Appointment Letter format 

There are a number of appointment letter formats that you can get online or even written in books. Considering that everybody in the current world is creative, it is important for you to consider taking into consideration your company or personal needs before deciding on which appointment letter you want to use. In most cases, an appointment letter is printer letterhead on an employer but always signed by the personnel or the human resource manager. However, different individuals have different needs and so should the appointment letters be different.

Appointment Letter format 
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You need also to be aware of the fact that the appointment letters can be an appointment letter in a word or an appointment letter in PDF. This depends on the request of the company or an individual needs. The offer letter format in India vary from one Company to another and that means that there are various appointment letter samples you can refer to when a need arises.

Common private company appointment letter format in India

There is one common appointment/offer letter that most private companies use in India. This an appointment letter sample that begins with the address of the person being appointed. Unlike in other letters where the address of the appointee is placed at the top right corner address placed at the top left corner of the paper.

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Then after the subject comes “Dear Sir/Madam or Mr. /MS/Mrs.” This is basically an opening salutation containing the designated. Position and the name of the company offering such a position.

Below the salutation in this appointment letter format is the Commencement of employment. The places below the salutation and it states the day when you are expected to start the job and also a day the company recognizes you as one of its employees. The job title, salary, place of posting and the number of working hours will follow in that format.

Which is the best format for you?

The best appointment letter or the appointment letter format. That which has all the elements you would want your new employee to be aware of before joining your company. In other words, there is no bad or good offer letter format. Basically, because most private company appointment letter formats in India are created based on what the company requires. It is therefore also crucial to make a decision on the appointment letter format word you need. You can decide to make your appointment letter as in word format or even PDF format.

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