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List of Indian Presidents from 1947 to 2018

List of Indian Presidents from 1947 to 2018

The Historic year, 1947 is when the Indian country achieved its independence from undemocratic British rule. In the year 1947, Indian keeping its “tryst with destiny” said by Jawaharlal Nehru started the slow building...
Prime Minister (PM) of India

Prime Minister of India

About Prime Minister (PM) of India: The PM of India is the head of administrative branch of Indian Government. Prime Minister’s position is different from that of Indian President, who is the lead of the...

Venkaiah Naidu

About Venkaiah Naidu Muppavarapu Venkaiah Naidu is a politician of India belongs to BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) and now he is the Indian Vice-President, appointment since 11th Aug of 2017.Before, in the administration of Modi,...
Navjot Singh Sidhu

Navjot Singh Sidhu Biography

About Navjot Singh Sidhu:Navjot Singh Sidhu is a former cricketer of India and Television commentator who entered politics after retiring from Cricket in December of 1999. Sidhu was a Parliament Member from Amristar Lok...

Manohar Parrikar

About Manohar Parrikar: Manohar Gopalkrishna Prabhu Parrikar is a politician of India and also a leader of BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) who has been Goa’s Chief Minister of since 14th Mar of 2017. Before he was also served as...

Rajnath Ram Badan Singh

About Rajnath Ram Badan Singh Rajnath Ram Badan Singh is a politician India who belongs to the political party of BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party). Now, he is serving as the Home Minister. He famously called as Rajnath Singh.Image...