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regional rural banks RRBs

Regional Rural Banks in India – RRBs

Regional Rural Banks : Regional Rural Banks are those commercial banks in India that function in various states at regional levels.RRBs provides essential financial & banking services in rural area for the people in India.However,...
Payment banks in india

Payment Banks in India

Payment Banks in India : Payment Banks in India are like any regular bank, but they function on a minor scale and therefore, do not involve any credit risk. In other words, the majority of...
small finance banks in india

Small Finance Banks in India- SFBs

Small Finance Banks in India- SFBs Small Finance Banks are banks which offer necessary banking facilities like lending money and accepting deposits. They focus mainly on minor business units, marginal and small farmers, small and...
Local Area Banks in India

Local Area Banks in India- LABs

Local Area Banks - LABs : Banking institutions operating in a small area, mainly in a city or town are called as Local Area Banks. They can expand their banking operations to a maximum of...
state cooperative banks in India

List of State Cooperative Banks (SCBs) in India

State cooperative banks in india– the pinnacle of three-tier cooperative banking in a particular state Cooperative banking has managed a reasonably firm footing in the banking sector predominated by commercial banks. These are the apex...
Banks in India

Banks in India & Types of Banks in India

Banks in India & Types of Banks in India: The banking sector in India plays a vital role in the economy of India. It provides support to the economy of the country and thus enables the...