Uttar Pradesh

List of uttar pradesh state government schemes initiated towards the welfare of state public.

Koshvani UP -- A Gateway to Finance Activities in the State of Uttar Pradesh

What is Koshvani UP and How Does it Benefit the People

About Koshvani UP Uttar Pradesh is known for its people and its wonderful places. However, the government of Uttar Pradesh has made something so easy for the people. Pension till date is one of the most...
Sand Mining in Uttar Pradesh

UP Mines – Sand Mining in Uttar Pradesh

About UP Mines(भूतत्व एवं खनिकर्म निदेशालय, उत्तर प्रदेश लखनऊ ) Minerals are a very big part of India. One of the biggest states where mining actually takes place of Uttar Pradesh, there sand mining in Uttar...
Allahabad Court

Get to Know Some of the Facts about Allahabad Court

About Allahabad Court The entire judicial system of India is quite different from the rest. According to this system, the supreme court of India sits right at the top. There are about twenty high courts...

UP SUDA is the Answer for Poverty in Uttar Pradesh State

What is this UP SUDA SUDA UP is a scheme launched under the Ministry of urban development and poverty alleviation program of this state. Uttar Pradesh is also one of the major states of India....
OnlineDriving Licence UP

Application of Online Driving Licence UP is Now Available

Online Driving Licence UP - ड्राइविंग लाइसेंस उत्तर प्रदेश Driving licence is a very important document. When you get a driver’s license you are empowered by the Uttar Pradesh government to drive any car you want on...

The UP RTO – Uttar Pradesh Transport Department

UP RTO - यूपीआरटीओ The UP Transport is the Uttar Pradesh Transport Department which has taken a smart step for making India digitally developed. The transport Commissioner's organization have to work with many types of transport related...