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shah rush khan

Top 10 Best Bollywood Actors of 90’s

  Name:  Shah Rukh Khan Father ‘s & Mother’s Name:  Mir Taj Muhammad Khan and Lateef Fatima. Date of Birth: 2 November 1965 (New Delhi ). Height: 5 Feet 7.5 inches. Shah Rukh Khan is Commonly Mentioned by the...
Ramayana, the epic story

Ramayana, the most significant epic poem of India

The most significant epic poem of India-Ramayana: Ramayana is an epic poem of ancient India which is also famous as Ramayanam in Sanskrit. Ramayana is one of the oldest Sanskrit epics of India. The other...

Mahabharat epic legendary narrative of the Kurukṣetra War- महाभारत

The Mahabharata -The Holy Book: Epics are the long poems which narrate the heroic deeds of a hero or a glorious history of a nation. The style of the Epic is brilliant and incomparable. Various...