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General Indian rail information like any special trains, rescheduled trains, cancelled trains, special seasonal trains, luxury train, tour packages etc details can be listed here


IRCTC next generation

What is IRCTC next generation? IRCTC next generation primarily signifies introduction of e-ticketing and several interesting technologically advanced features by IRCTC to provide better travel experience to Indian passengers. It opens up a comprehensive online...

The rail budget of our country

The rail budget of our country Indian Railways Budget is the yearly Financial Statement of the Indian Railways that is responsible for rail transport in the country. The Minister of Railways presents the rail...

10 Interesting Facts About Kolkata Metro Train

Kolkata is most prominent and very crowded city in India and also Calcutta is a second most crowded nation in the world. In the transportation department, Kolkata faced lot of issues. They launched metro...


About TrainTracker The Thales Information Systems, Eckoh, and Technologies provide the TrainTracker on behalf of the organisation of companies that operate trains. An automated system, with some limitations, provides the service information. Many stations...

Railway Protection Force

RPF: Definition, recruitment process, and its sacred duties RPF stands for Railway Protection Force. RPF is a force under the Indian Railways that came into existence to protect railway passengers and also railway property. This...

Nizamabad to Secunderabad Trains

About Nizamabad to Secunderabad Trains There are many trains in Nizamabad to Secunderabad route. These trains travel almost 157 km to connect both the cities. Because of the efficient rail connectivity travelling from NZB to SC is simple and easy....